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The WOW Factor

March 1, 2010 on 8:08 am | In Uncategorized |

“The perfect customer experience is the one which results in customers becoming advocates for the company, creating referral, retention and profitable growth.”

It’s almost like a spokesperson of any political party spreading the goodwill of the party. But the major challenge is not merely satisfying the customers but building a repeatable course of delighting them. When Walt Disney was building theme parks he faced a lot of tough questions like how would he make believable wild animals or how would he build a big castle in the middle of California? Had Walt Disney kept his vision effortless rather than experience based, he might not have been able to built Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland and Disneyland might not have turned out to be the most ‘WOW’ experience of his life.

Organization should focus on Experience based differentiation and mobilize their resources towards fulfilling the experiences customers like and care about, thus creating ‘WOW’ moments for its customers time and again and eventually creating their own ‘WOW’ moments.

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